moka&more isn't an ordinary coffee business. It's the vibe of coffee
passion and true coffee culture. It is a brew of coffee-based drinks made
to perfection, mouth-watering food and a welcoming ambiance.
More than just velvety Arabica and smooth robusta, moka&more
stirs up the bubbly feeling of socializing over a coffee.
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Soon in Suleimanyah - 21/08/2014
moka&more will open yet a new outlet in Suleimanyah, Iraq in September 2014! Stay tuned...
Pots are warming up in Jeita! -
moka&more will soon be in TownCenter Jeita. Get ready to visit our newest outlet & enjoy the real coffee experience we have promised and always delivered.
Opening Soon in KSA -
moka&more will be opening soon in August 2013 in KSA, Riyadh, Al Rabwa Mall
moka&more NOW OPEN in Egypt
12 days of love 2014 - 04/02/2014
5% of moka&more bills will be donated to the Children Cancer Center Lebanon from the 4th till the 15th of February. For our little heroes. Together.. we can do it!

About Us


moka&more (a coffee shop franchise by moka & co) is about the feeling of socializing over a coffee and taking time out for yourself every day.
moka&more is:
Laid-back moods and cool relaxation
An energizing rush
Quick service
Friendly staff and professional customer service
High-quality food and drinks
An experience you'll want to repeat again and again
moka&more began brewing its success story in 2006 with its first branch.
moka&more became a chain of coffee shops in Lebanon and abroad, a company that cares.
moka&more is actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, supporting NGO and green initiatives.
moka&more's mission is to be the best café chain by offering a world class
coffee experience at great prices. We believe that every coffee bean
culminates in a distinctive flavour and adds personality to every cup.

We strive to expand locally and internationally while addressing evolving
client needs. We aim to bring you the best and most selective array
of blends to invite you into a world of unique flavours and cosy, friendly

our way
The name says it all:
moka&more is about more than just tantalizing coffee. It's a philosophy
of excellence and a culture of pleasure that seeks to create a unique blend
of socializing and hedonism. Our dedication to quality and to our customers
is what defines us and is the motto that drives us.

This is the vision behind moka&more:
We aim to turn coffee into a way of life, a heaven for those seeking a rush
as well as those just looking to relax and have a good time with a
good company.

moka&more’s unique image helps create a distinctive feel of coziness and belonging, with bright colors and a modern elegant look.
moka&more is a threefold coffee retail business "Independent shop",
"Mall outlet"
and "Coffee booth" that fills the upscale quick service niche
in the marketplace serving customers around the clock at meal peak times
and off peak hours.

moka&more offers different options of development including:

An independent shop, where the customer can have the full
moka&more experience with a full range of food and beverage items.
Independent shops should be implemented in a self standing

A mall outlet, where the customer can have the full moka&more
experience with a full range of food and beverage items. The openness
of the outlet will attract customers looking for a quick bite to eat. The
mall outlet would be perfect in a food court or in a mall.

A coffee booth is the on-the-go choice that offers the customer a
limited selection of food and beverage items, but surely will benefit from
the best quality of the products. Coffee booths can be placed in malls or
open spaces
next to business areas.

Payment Cards

Payment Cards Collection


By using moka&more payment card you are specifically agreeing to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions might be amended or modified by moka&more at any time without notice. Modifications will be posted automatically on the website

What is moka&more payment card
moka&more payment card is a convenient and thoughtful card.
It may be used only toward the purchase of food and beverage at moka&more outlets in Lebanon.
moka&more payment card makes the perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.
You may purchase moka&more payment cards for yourself, your friends, your employee, colleague or student who needs a coffee shop with high speed internet, fantastic coffee, and lots of space to study in.

How do I use moka&more payment card?
moka&more payment card may only be used as payment tool in moka&more branches in Lebanon.
Each time you use moka&more payment card, the amount of your purchase will be deducted from your balance.
Once the card fully redeemed, you can refill it at any moka&more branch in Lebanon.

Where can I use my moka&more payment card?
moka&more payment card can be used at any moka&more branch in Lebanon.

How can I purchase my moka&more payment card?
You can purchase moka&more payment card by visiting your nearest moka&more branch and consulting the manager.
Soon you will be able to purchase your card by visiting our website.

Are there any hidden charges or extra fees?
No, there are no hidden charges or fees.

How do I refill my moka&more payment card?
When your balance is depleted, visit your nearest moka&more branch, present your card to the manager and ask for a refill.
Soon you will be able to purchase your card by visiting our website.

What happens if I don't have enough balance on my moka&more payment card to disburse (pay)?
The balance of your moka&more payment card can be deducted and the rest could be paid cash or by any other bank payment card.

How can I check my moka&more payment card's balance?
You can check your moka&more payment card's balance by visiting your nearest moka&more branch and consulting the manager.
Soon you will be able to check your moka&more payment card's balance by visiting our website.

What happens if I lose my moka&more payment card?
If your moka&more payment card has been registered and is lost or stolen, please advise immediately. You will need to provide your card number and answer questions concerning recent activity on your account. After verification, we can freeze your lost card remaining balance and transfer it to the replacement card. (5.000L.L charge applies)

Does my moka&more payment card expire?
No, moka&more payment card never expires.

Will I receive benefits from moka&more payment card?
Once you acquire moka&more payment card and have it activated, upon every refill an extra 5% will be added automatically to the amount you have chosen.
You will also obtain another 5%, every time you reach 150.000LL purchase in one month.

How can I purchase large quantities of moka&more payment card for corporate companies?
Simply by calling +961 9 645564 (moka&more customer service) or email us on

Disputes, Choice of Law and Venue
Any disputes with regard to moka&more Payment card shall be governed by the Lebanese law and shall fall into the Jurisdiction of the Lebanese Courts.

The Franchise

As a fully fledged franchise, our coffee shops are designed as a refreshing heaven of comfort and tranquility in a busy world. The only rush you experience at moka&more is the exhilaration of good coffee, food and decor. moka&more is a welcoming franchise with a recognizable look and feel, elements that are essential part of moka&more's success story. The relaxing decor, enticing menu, quality, taste, good prices and friendly service come together to make moka&more a growing business.

moka&more has 3 concepts declination: independent outlets, mall outlets and kiosks.
This means you can be part of the franchise as best suits your needs and goals.
We make coffee a way of life.
This makes franchising with us different.
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Media Gallery


moka&more - 7th anniversary
Thursday 15th August 2013

Happy 7 lucky years with you!
moka&more will be celebrating its 7th anniversary on August 15 by offering its beloved guests free coffee during the whole day in all moka&more branches in Lebanon.

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